Apple Apps: build your own - it's not difficult!

Building an Apple App used to cost a fortune – usually via an Elance contractor in India, the Ukraine or China. I did one this way, called iSmashit, and I haven’t got my investment back yet!

Apple ?

Then I had a crack at doing it myself: I already had an AppStore account (courtesy of iSmashit ) and so I got an Apple Developer Licence and downloaded Xcode onto to my Apple (you need Lion OS for it by the way). I made pretty good progress, largely due to the excellent courses at But I still ain’t no Angry Birds builder!

Bloggers with vastly more experience than me, such as JohnChow (in my view, simply the best), have recently recommended app building programmes such as bloapp, which create customised apps for bloggers.

But now we can go the whole nine yards and build fully-fledged Apple Apps for ourselves, thereby adding to Apple’s existing half million live apps! You could use Conduit - basic but effective. You can do the same thing with Magmito for as little as $50 a year. Both offer support.

But AppMakr  go one stage further and offer a free ad-supported service.

The moral of the story is: don’t shell out a fortune for a new Apple App, look around and do it yourself!


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