Asperger's Syndrome and Migraines

I wrote about my son Richard’s Asperger’s Syndrome condition here last year. It was meant to be a light-hearted piece (I hope it was taken this way) about humorous aspects of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Here’s a post about the not-so-funny side of Asperger’s Syndrome. A few months ago Richard’s infrequent migraines began to become frequent, then regular, and then, over time, almost daily – and many of them were severe, necessitating several hours under the bedclothes, in bed with curtains tightly shut.

A visit to the doctor resulted in different pills (as a substitute for Migraleve), which made no difference at all.

I did some research, including consulting a medical colleague, and found that the circumstances above (that is: almost residing in one’s bedroom) can lead to a sunshine deficiency and hence vitamin D deficiency, as described by Dr. Mercola here.

Further research, on the net, showed that migraine sufferers respond positively to the vitamin supplements of D3, B12 and something called l-carnitine – all available at Holland & Barrett, a UK chain store selling health foods, vitamins and supplements.

Vitamin Supplements
Anyway, to cut to the chase, I started giving Richard one of each of the three supplements and the effect was immediate and dramatic. The very next day there were no migraines – and he had only two migraines in the next week. Three weeks on and Richard has had only those two migraines, neither of them severe.

I researched more and found that magnesium supplements can aid the ingestion of the aforementioned vitamin supplements – so I added those to Richard’s daily intake and Richard is still largely migraine free.

Let me here offer the strongest possible disclaimer. I have no medical qualifications or training. I did not consult my doctor before giving Richard the supplements. I am in no way qualified to offer any kind of medical advice or recommend medical procedures.

However, I love my son and would do anything to help him and relieve any pain or suffering he might encounter. I did this by giving him those supplements. I am very thankful I did – and so is he.

But! What works, works!


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