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100% gains in two of my stock investments. Complete faith in Nokia. And a share to watch!

I’m feeling pleased with myself! My positions in Cable & Wireless and Thrombogenics shares have both given me a 100% gain. I have a significant stake (for me!) in Nokia, in which I have complete faith, and at the end of this post I’ll tell you about my new position. Let me explain: in January 2012 I bought Cable & Wireless shares and more than doubled my money when they were bought by Vodafone the following April (more on Vodafone later). In September 2012  I piled into Nokia at $2.55, for a multitude of good reasons, and watched them climb to above $4. I bought more in December2013 and watched them stagnate (that’s a posh word for “got a bit worried”) but there is now ample evidence that Nokia are really coming up on the rails. OK, I know it's not a Lamia - but I like the picture! The recent jump in Lamia sales added to all the previously stated reasons (their patent bank, camera and satnav capability, and steady third world market etc.) is enough to ju