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Short Story: 'One Dollar Toyota'

Passwords were the last thing on Andrew’s mind as he took his completed appraisal form over to the Personnel Office to give to Denise Smith. He knocked on her door and walked in to her office. She was talking animatedly on the phone and did not appear to have heard Andrew’s knock or entrance behind her. He stood there and waited.              ‘Just a minute, I’m not logged on,’ she said into the phone and with her free hand typed ‘dsmith’ with one finger onto her computer keyboard against where it said Username on the screen. Against Password she slowly typed ‘1$toyota’. It wasn’t difficult to follow. Andrew coughed politely. Still speaking, Denise Smith turned, saw the papers in Andrew’s hand, smiled, and motioned to him to put them in her in-tray. Back at his desk Andrew’s heart was thumping. The company was proud of its strict IT procedures - but he now had the means to access the Personnel  computer system, “Profile”, using Denise Smith’s login - and Denise Sm

James Osenton and his gold mine. Part Three.

Further research indicates that James Osenton had the misfortune to be made bankrupt in the early seventies, according to the London Gazette .  I am still researching that bit! Just who did made my uncle bankrupt? Can any of my readers help here? We have also discovered a record of James Osenton disembarking in Demerara (now in Guyana) in 1933, some months before he established his gold mine near the Barima river in Guyana.  The story will continue.…