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My uncle’s Gold Mine and the Milwaukee Journal (1933). A real live Heir Hunter. Part Two

In April last year I talked of being contacted by an Heir Hunter   Well, things have moved on from then. We (my cousin and I) have discovered that the guy who passed away was our great uncle – the brother of our maternal great-grandfather – who died intestate and childless. Also the wives of the two brothers were sisters. It saddens me deeply that my great uncle passed away, alone, twenty-three years ago and that no-one was with him. No one in the family even knew of his existence Of course we dispensed with the services of the Heir Hunter after we found out these details and we ourselves began to find out more about our great uncle. And what a story unfolded – and is still unfolding! James Osenton, which is who he was, was an adventurer extraordinaire! He is on the passenger lists of ships en-route from Africa and New Zealand in the 1920s and my cousin hit the jackpot and found him mentioned in the Milwaukee Journal of June 18 th 1933 under the headline, ‘ Starve

An Englishman’s Feuilleton – or, what does the Swedish ‘For helvete’ mean in English?

Swedish for 'Laundry Room' I have been coming to Sweden from England regularly for over five years – for the very good reason that my partner lives in the delightful city of Lund All my pre-formed impressions of Swedes being peaceful and friendly were fully vindicated. It’s no wonder, I had thought to myself, that this polite, peace-loving nation has not been to war for several hundred years - and even managed to stay out of the last world conflagration. I have met nothing but mild and exceptionally well-mannered people. The estate surrounding my partner’s flat is well maintained - very well maintained and very tidy in fact - and the neighbours go out of their way to help and greet me. Some very kindly greet me in English. It is a heartwarming and idyllic world. The Swedes have so much to teach the rest of the world - especially we errant English! One of the kindest neighbours was a distinguished looking grey-haired gentleman - one of the most courteous peopl

Great Soundcloud freebie

Here you go - a great freebie track , from my friend Dan Jeffries. I really like this. I may even buy the next one!

The wrong Christmas presents!

I bought my partner a set of really good – and very sharp – kitchen knives for Christmas. And she was really pleased – lots of brownie points for yours truly! However, she tells me that it’s really bad karma to give knives as presents (apparently, they can forecast, or even bring about “accidents”).  A similar principle applies to giving handkerchiefs – they bring about tears! The way out of this pickle? Easy! Pay for such presents. Just a nominal amount – enough to balance out the karma and counter the impression that the present is a gift. If one pays the giver then it is purchase and not a present. Conscience and karma salved.