The Healthiest Breakfast

Now you have your delicious pomegranate seeds (see my post on 5th May) you’ll need something to go with them – something to complement them – and from here on in it gets really easy.

Take an avocado: halve it and scour out the two halves. Chop it up and mix it with the pomegranate seeds.

Now we’re going to give it the ultimate dressing – Kefir. What? Kefir – that’s what! One of the healthiest pro-biotic, enzyme-rich foods you can get. Kefir will balance your ‘inner ecosystem’ is more nutritious than yogurt and is packed with protein, minerals and B vitamins.

You can cultivate your own Kefir, but it’s now pretty widely available – especially from Polish shops.

Anyway, just pour it on – and there you are. You look after your stomach, your prostate (that comment only applies to half my readers!) your overall health and are raring to face the day.


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