The beautiful Maldive Islands need our help !

Here’s a view of the Maldive Islands that we are all familiar with – and it’s why The Maldives are high on my list of places to visit. I want to dive there, I want to meet more of their fabulous, happy people, I want to go there.

In November 2008 a general election installed a popular government led by President  Mohamed Nasheed. The Maldive Islands became a nascent and much needed cradle of democracy in the Indian Ocean. A great story so far, don’t you think?

However, the people of the Maldive Islands are not so happy at the moment and with very good reason. Since a very unpopular military coup in February this year (2012) democracy has been suspended by the military – without reason, without support and without notice. Like a kind of unilateral declaration of: ”Stuff you, the voters of the Maldives!”
To say this coup is unpopular is an understatement and it is why this peace loving nation has taken to the streets of the capital of the Maldive Islands, Malé, to protest – and been collectively beaten-up by uniformed thugs, for their trouble.

Colleagues of mine – Shauaib Ali, Shamau Shareef and Ahmed Akram – are at the forefront of these protests and the Maldive Islanders both need and deserve our help. See ‘Protest against brutal military coup inMaldives in 8 Feb 2012’.

If, like me, you feel aggrieved at what is happening in the Maldive Islands, and you live in the UK, you can make your feelings known by contacting the High Commission of Maldives in London:
The High Commission of Maldives
22, Nottingham Place,
London W1U 5NJ
Phone: +44 207 224 2135


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