Three reasons why Britain is overweight

My new kitchen
Firstly, the size of plates. I have recently done out my kitchen – and very proud of it I am too. To complement my new look I went and bought a new set of crockery from Morrisons. Guess what? The new larger size dinner plates do not fit into my dish washer – if they’re upright, then the ‘sprayer’ cannot turn. Supersize me? No thanks!

Second, I was recently shown around my recently refurbished local library. I was there to determine whether an organisation I am involved with could or should rent some of the office space available. Part of the tour involved moving from the ground floor to the first floor – a climb of some three flights of six stairs, eighteen in total. The lady taking us around asked our group of nine people, ‘Is everybody all right with stairs?’ I ask you: has the nation’s state of unfitness reached such a preposterous level?

The 'oh sooo hard' stairs!

Finally, like many of you I suspect, I now read the ingredients list on pretty much all the products I buy. You can imagine how shocked I was to see sugar listed as an ingredient of Tesco’s own brand  All Bran. Sugar!!

My goodness me, as a nation we really have to look at ourselves – but perhaps not literally. 


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