From Tescos to Morrisons

I do the weekly shopping in my house - have done for years, and for most of those years that shopping has been done at Tescos. Not any more! I now shop at Morrisons.

There’s been a subtle change at Tescos since Chief Exec Terry Leahy left in March 2011. I also, presciently, sold my shares in Tescos when he left – best not to fly with an unknown pilot, is the maxim there.

Anyway, the reasons dear readers, the reasons. Essentially Morrisons is better value: it’s cheaper. I know, I know – Tescos will rail at me, saying they will ‘beat any price” and all that guff. I don’t believe them. What I know is that overall my shopping trolley is cheaper when I buy a similar weekly shop at Morrisons. And forget the Clubcard: I’d rather have no frills and lower prices.

There are other, food-based reasons as well. Their goat’s cheese is nicer, they do the most fantastic jalapeno hummus, their lemons are nicer. I could go on.

Oh, and there are little things that Morrisons do that Tescos do not. Like, for example, being able to get Cashback when using the self-service checkout.

Given that my share tips of Cable&Wireless Worldwide and Nokia have (and will) bear fruit. Perhaps I should have blogged that I sold my Tesco shares – they fell off a cliff after a profits warning last January.  But I wasn’t blogging then!


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