Nokia Stock Investment return - now's the time to GO!

Well! We all made our money on Microsoft's cute move for Nokia (cute for Nokia that is!) didn't we? Didn't we?  I sold mine yesterday at $6.24 as they began to dip (they're still dipping pre-market this morning, 17 Sept 2013). There's a whole load of Nokia IP now sloshing around the world and why, can anyone tell me, are the biggest number of Google enquiries for "Nokia" coming from Pakistan?

Now the good folks of Finland have bought back their fill of their industrial darling I don't think the stock will be doing anything much anytime soon - although I guess they might drift down for a while.

I've taken a punt with part of my profits and bought, as a good friend of mine terms it, a "minnow". Well, I've bought such a minnow I couldn't even buy it online through my broker, Interactive Investor, I had to buy my minnow through them over the phone!

And this minnow is? I hear you ask. It's that well known hidden gem (deliberate pun there) of mining, IRONVELD

The chairman, Giles Clarke, has a huge chunk of Ironveld. He raved about it at his birthday party (which must have worked because his brother's investment group, Westhay, jumped in) and is selling the Validum story for all it's worth.

A minnow well worth a punt, I think.

I can verify all I have said about my personal portfolio in this post but I am not offering this as an inducement to buy the stated stocks and shares. I am not a professional advisor. The views and opinions in this post are my own and should not constitute advice to purchase the stocks and shares quoted.


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