Much more upside to come for Nokia

The new Nokia Lumia

There’s been a burgeoning of demand for Nokia stock – there was more than double the average volume yesterday (17 Dec 2012). I’m not surprised: I tipped then back on 5 September 2012, when they were $2.55 - and they're now $4.18. And I believe there is still considerable upside to come – measured in multiples of the current price and not just a percentage increase – and for the following reasons:
1.   Nokia hold a veritable treasure trove of patents – many of which predate even the existence of their rivals
2.   The new Nokia phone integrates some phenomenal technologies  - ‘Here’ mapping and award-winning PureView picture technology – into something that deserves more than just the name “camera” or “satnav”. The Economist said, ‘Nokia’s 41-megapixelsmartphone camera uses its embarrassment of pixels to take good pictures in dimlight and simulate a reasonable zoom lens’. This beast rocks. 
3.   The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS will show some true pace as the seamless integration of phone and tablet or PC (remember those?) becomes a pre-requisite for any serious mobile user

As I said - lots of upside to come

Please note: The views and opinions in this post are my own and should not constitute advice to purchase the stocks quoted.


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